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Basement pretty much finished December 18, 2009

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First blog post EVER!  So be patient I know it’s kinda crappy but check this out.

Here’s a couple of before & after videos.

Ok all these pics are taken from the same spot in the room so watch the progress!  

Now for the bathroom check it.  That crap all over the walls is actually old tile adhesive but yea, the whole basement was as nasty as it looks here for sure.

Not bad eh?  Matt did all the tile bless his heart.  He just loves that tile.  And the day we started it went on sale for 58 cents a square foot!  Now that’s cheap.  A buck a square foot is cheap but 58 cents shoot you can’t beat that.

Check out how we changed the layout

That wall with the sheetrock torn off is where the arch is now and that wall where my brother is is gone.


And finally the finished product – that weird long pantry shortened, the furnace hidden, the new opening leading to the living room, that weird wall in the living room gone and the old entry to the living room blocked off by the furnace room and the fridge.  A much better layout now.  What were those people thinking?


4 Responses to “Basement pretty much finished”

  1. hiphousegirl Says:

    Hi Housedouche! It’s so good to see that you’re douching out your house. It really brings up the value of the neighborhood to not have extremely ghetto people living in people’s nast basements! Keep up the good work!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Wow… I’m so impressed with your new kitchen and bathroom AND your blogging skills!

  3. Yer pa Says:

    Awesome work my sons! I just hope you get a decent tenant who will appreciate it.

  4. Yer pa Says:

    Amanda’s kitchen next???!!!

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