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Wood burning stove made from an old water heater tank and a few other scrounged items December 26, 2009

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Youtube isn’t cooperating tonight so I don’t have a video for you but here are some pictures.

It was freakin cold that night but as you can see, the first step was to remove the outer shell and then the insulation that’s between the tank and the shell.

I welded some little feet on there that was some scrap wrought iron I scrounged from a jobsite.  No sense wasting perfectly good metal!  And here I’m cutting a hole for the door.  The torch was a lot quicker than a cutting wheel but not quite as pretty.    Below you’ll see all kinds of minerals that came out of the tank – that’s the water you bath in and sometimes drink folks but don’t worry, it’s just minerals.  

Next you see that I’ve taken a big ol truck strap to stretch a floor grate around the tank.  These are cooling fins like you see on a lawn mower so the aim here was to retrieve as much heat as possible from the fire so it doesn’t just get wasted out the smoke pipe.

And here’s me cutting some angle iron with all the proper safety equipment.

Next, I welded the angle iron to support the blower I got for 10 bucks at a new habitat for humanity home improvement thrift store they just opened in salt lake.  That tubing you see will be used to create more surface area for the smoke to go through and thus transfer more heat into the air and less out the pipe.

Making the door with the piece I cut out and some door hinges I had laying around.

The semi-finished product

I don’t know if I like the looks of all that sheet metal on there but it does serve some purpose.  Mostly the piece that’s attached to the 3 smoke tubes – if the stove isn’t really really hot then the air rushing past feels cold coming straight at you so that piece of metal makes the air go out the sides so it’s still scavenging some heat from the smoke but not enough to feel warm.   For example, if the air in the garage is 32 degrees and the air coming from the stove is 42 degrees, why, that air is still warmer but 42 degree air still feels rather chilly.

It gets hot in there all right.


One Response to “Wood burning stove made from an old water heater tank and a few other scrounged items”

  1. shiloh0 Says:

    good use for an old tank, i gotta make one too

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