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Tribute to my neon, SUC (sport utility car) January 22, 2010

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Neons are certainly nothing fancy and a lot of them have really bad reputations for sucking so bad.  I did have to spend about a thousand bucks to get the head gasket redid and while we were at it we got new rings a couple years ago so that wasn’t cool but considering how I’ve treated this car, it’s been a nice little gem.   I always keep the oil changed but as far as using it in every possible way imaginable, discovering its limits,  and generally just beating the peepee out of it goes, it’s been great.

I’d say the real turning point with the neon came when I installed a trailer hitch on it.  It was the best thing I ever did to it other than change the oil regularly.  The motor in this car is actually quite strong and I’ve done several long distance trips towing a dune buggy with a neon full of people.  More recently we pulled 2 jetskis, 3 dirtbikes, and a bunch of gear to colorado and back but with over 100,000 miles on er now I think those days are about done for the neon.  It started acting up a bit on the way home.

The neon will cruise with a buggy or trailer full of toys comfortably at 70mph and will get about 18mpg.  Not sure if it’s worth it, but for some reason I really enjoy seeing what I can get away with.   I figure if a geo metro can handle cruising in 5th gear with the pedal to the floor, a neon should be able to too.

You’re probably wondering how I didn’t fry the transmission – it’s a standard, that’s how.  This is most definitely a no-frills neon (except for the A/C) but no power anything, lots of road noise, and generally just kind of a cheap durable, reliable car with a surprisingly strong motor.

If you were a mechanic and you had this car up on a lift so you could see the underside, you’d see that this neon has boldly gone where many traditional SUV’s have not gone.  There’s plenty of character on the underside of the neon.

I think that’s about it for tonight.  Scroll to the previous post for more neon related action.


Going green with the sport utility neon January 16, 2010

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This is my little receiver hitch what ever you call these things.  Build time, oh about 3 hours last night.  I figure driving around a 4-cylinder vehicle instead of an 8 cylinder contributes half as much smog to the inversion so I’ve done my part people.

This is the unit upside down – notice the angle of the part that goes into the receiver hitch – that’s so it doesn’t have that saggy crappy look about it.  I also welded the peepee out of it with high penetrating 6011 welding rod to make sure it wouldn’t fall off or something while I’m humming along at 80.  Also, I read on the part of the hitch I welded on that it’s rated for 200 lbs of tongue weight so I figure it can handle about that much weight.  BUT, as always, you need to use your best judgement.  If it doesn’t feel secure or whatever then it’s probably not.  I jumped up and down on this thing before I actually used it on a public freeway and I’m a good 200 lbs so I feel pretty confident it’s going to hold up just fine.


Breaking my own rule January 15, 2010

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The rule is do one (or 2-3 max) project at a time so you’re not one of those people who’s house & garage are perpetually trashed with half-done crap laying everywhere and nobody can walk around without stepping on something and breaking it.  Or walking past something, knocking it over, and breaking it.


I’m a little stumped on my waste oil heater due to a slight design flaw I don’t want to go into right now.  I decided to whip up one of those trailer hitch things you see teetering on the backs of people’s SUV’s loaded with a tarped pile of their crap with bungie cords all over it.  I gotta take a dryer to salt lake tomorrow and don’t feel like driving the gas guzzling van and plus the neon has cruise control and I gotta take some crap up to matt’s in rexburg tomorrow as well and definitely don’t wanna use the van for that.  Plus I wanna see what the neon will look like with a dryer hanging off the back then take a picture of it and then post it online so that’s what I’m gonna do tomorrow.

I’ll post pics tomorrow but let me tell you about a design feature I’m interested to see how it works.  Seems like a lot of those things I see look like they’re sagging down like they’re gonna start dragging on the road at any moment and I don’t like that.  So I have it leaning forward slightly to compensate for the extra weight on the back.  You see, all that weight on the back will change the angle of the dangle and make it look like it’s gonna fall off and what motorist wants to look at that?  Not me.


Progress on the waste oil heater January 14, 2010

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Not much, but an evening’s worth.  My garage is still too tiny so I’ve been spending time figuring out what I can hang on hooks on the walls and rafters – vacuum cleaners (I got 3 of em), couple of ladders, a chop saw, you name it.  Frees up a nice amount of floor space tell you what.

Figuring out those angles and how to mate them to that air compressor tank was a bit of a pisser.  I pretty much got er whipped but the tank isn’t level front to back so I gotta cut a few welds and pivot it so it’s level.  And I still gotta work out a locking mechanism for that pan under there but I think I have an idea for one in mind.

This will be my waste oil tank.  I’d just use a trash can but then how would I dump buckets of oil into it?  My rafters aren’t tall enough, heck the garage isn’t tall enough so until I get my dream garage/house I’ll make do with this rig here.  This is one robust setup I hung from each one of those 2×4’s and beat my chest to make sure they’d hold – I do NOT want 30 gallons of waste motor oil falling down and spewing everywhere.  That crap’s messy plus it’s very flammable if you get it really really hot first.

Well I think that’s about all I’ve got for tonight.  Next post I might actually have the thing going but I still have to give it some leveling feet, finish that locking device for the pan so it’ll be snug against the thing, make sure the pan and tank will both be level side to side, front to back.  And I still gotta cut a hole for the flue.   This is boring.  Sorry.  I haven’t figured out how to upload music on here, or if I can.

And this is my dirty face after an evening’s worth of puttering in the garage – I don’t know how my face got all dirty like that but it’s not uncommon.  And this is the real deal folks, none of this purposefully smeared on crap like these posers do in hollywood.


In response to a post by my sister on her blog January 8, 2010

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You know, life really sucks when you don’t live in an awesome newly remodeled classic bungalow or rambler style home.  If you’re like most people you probably want your home remodeled and you want it done NOW!  And if you’re like most people you probably don’t have time or money or neither at the moment so you have to make do with what you’ve got like my sister and I are doing.

Here’s her blog, you’ll probably enjoy hers more cause she’s a pretty good blogger and house re-doucher.

In the meantime, before we get our kitchens and bathrooms remodeled, this is what we’re doing to get by as spoiled Americans who don’t like to wash dishes by hand.   Here’s what I did when I finally got sick of spending 45 minutes a whack doing dishes.  Instead of spending the time I would have spent doing 3 sink fulls of dishes, I spent it ripping out the drawers that used to be there and installing this dishwasher.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already noticed that there’s a door missing.  That’s because the dishwasher was a little wider than the bank of drawers I ripped out so there’s nothing for the door hinges to attach to anymore.  Now if this were a permanent deal I’d make it work and look good you betcha but this is just temporary so cool your jets.

Also, if you look closely, you’ll see a little blue box with a switch in it – that’s so I don’t have to crawl under the sink and plug in the garbage disposal every time I want to turn it on.  Seriously, people actually live this way.    To be honest with you I don’t even like garbage disposals I swear all they ever do is stink like a burp someone blew in your face.  I don’t actually USE mine so this usually isn’t a problem.   It’s really not that hard to not put garbage in the sink when the garbage can is a mere 7 feet away.  I just don’t see what the big deal is about garbage disposals.  Plus they cost over a hundred bucks!  I occasionally have to turn mine on just to get it to drain water.  Eff that.   I’ll deal with it though til I get the kitchen re-douched.

And look how much (little) counter space I have here.

It serves it’s purpose but if I have the means to make it bigger and better, why not!?

Below you’ll see one of the most crucial tide-me-overs – painting black over all this green shizz – it was everywhere!  no joke.  They’d smeared this green crap all over the kitchen so it had to be painted over.  I can deal with it on the insides of the cabinets but not on the outsides.

Just picture in your mind, everywhere you see black, replace it with that green color.

Matt painted over all that bless his heart.  I also have my laundry room in the kitchen which isn’t ideal, but it sure beats the crap out of going to a laundromat.

And see that window where the table is?  I had the plumbers rough-in for a sink just below that window so eventually the sink will have a view out the window.  I did the same thing in the basement.  The laundry room will eventually be moved to the bathroom.

Here’s a window I put in my front door so I can peep out of it.  Not a priority but I had all my tools out to do weather stripping so I figured I’d just throw it in real quick like (45 minutes or so) I put it a little too high though.  Oops.  Oh well, at least I’ll know for the next house.

Believe it or not, I didn’t do the 69 thing on purpose I just lucked out I guess.

Don’t get too excited to see much progress on the house.  I’m in school and I have 2 smaller projects ahead of the kitchen/bath remodel and I can only keep my sanity if I have no more than 2-3 projects going on at once.  Plus my funds are starting to feel it after that basement remodel.  I better stop blogging so I can finish my homework, finish getting my basement ready to rent and if there’s time left over, work on my oil heater.


Non-mother earth news waste oil heater January 7, 2010

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Due to that previous heater “ridin dirty” or in this case, burning dirty, I’ve begun work on a slightly different style of waste oil heater.  So many heaters I’ve looked at require electric blowers, air compressors, and all kinds of noisy sh*#.  I found a youtube user who’s name is ozzirt – from New Zealand.  He figured out how to get a waste oil heater to burn clean and the best part is that it doesn’t use electricity and it’s reasonably quiet as far as I can tell.  Man I HATE noisy heaters – like this jet engine style propane heater I got.  So freakin noisy drives me nuts cause I can’t hear my music or my this american life podast!

This guy built ozzirt’s heater and did a pretty good job it looks like.  And both of these guys have been kind enough to answer my questions about their design.

Here’s some pictures of the progress so far.

A DI frying pan

An old cylinder insert from a semi truck diesel engine

The pan is the primary burner and the diesel cylinder insert with the holes drilled in it is the secondary burner which makes it burn clean.  And you can see where the oil will drip in.  I made a peep hole so you can see how much it’s getting and that bathroom/toilet/kitchen sink valve you see controls the flow.  And you’re probably wondering where all the crap in that oil goes when the oil burns – it stays in that frying pan as ash and soft crap right there and you gotta empty it out into the trash before you light it again, usually once a day.

Now, a safety consideration when lighting these things.  Try to avoid re-lighting cause it’s dangerous.  I was re-lighting the other one with gas like an IDIOT even though the guy said not to.  The hot pan/burner vaporized a buttload of that gas rather quickly so when I lit it, a buttload of those gas vapors immediately caught fire and decided to engulf my hand and lick my afro, eye lashes, and eye brows.  So watchit!  If you must relight, use a less explosive lighting fluid like, lighting fluid, paint thinner, kerosene, diesel – gas is just so volatile.

Now I’ll give myself some credit here, had I been a true idiot through and through I would have poured gas on the burner directly from the can but that’s just STUPID!  So I poured a little bit of gas into a jar so if it caught on fire, it’d be manageable cause there wouldn’t be much gas there.  Had I caught 2-3 gallons of gas on fire that’d have been a REAL pisser and I’da had to employ a fire extinguisher for sure.

And another safety note I learned the hard way a few years back – it doesn’t do you much good to have a fire extinguisher where you can’t easily get to it within a matter of seconds.  If you don’t believe me then just do a youtube search for “burning buggy” and you’ll see.