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Non-mother earth news waste oil heater January 7, 2010

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Due to that previous heater “ridin dirty” or in this case, burning dirty, I’ve begun work on a slightly different style of waste oil heater.  So many heaters I’ve looked at require electric blowers, air compressors, and all kinds of noisy sh*#.  I found a youtube user who’s name is ozzirt – from New Zealand.  He figured out how to get a waste oil heater to burn clean and the best part is that it doesn’t use electricity and it’s reasonably quiet as far as I can tell.  Man I HATE noisy heaters – like this jet engine style propane heater I got.  So freakin noisy drives me nuts cause I can’t hear my music or my this american life podast!

This guy built ozzirt’s heater and did a pretty good job it looks like.  And both of these guys have been kind enough to answer my questions about their design.

Here’s some pictures of the progress so far.

A DI frying pan

An old cylinder insert from a semi truck diesel engine

The pan is the primary burner and the diesel cylinder insert with the holes drilled in it is the secondary burner which makes it burn clean.  And you can see where the oil will drip in.  I made a peep hole so you can see how much it’s getting and that bathroom/toilet/kitchen sink valve you see controls the flow.  And you’re probably wondering where all the crap in that oil goes when the oil burns – it stays in that frying pan as ash and soft crap right there and you gotta empty it out into the trash before you light it again, usually once a day.

Now, a safety consideration when lighting these things.  Try to avoid re-lighting cause it’s dangerous.  I was re-lighting the other one with gas like an IDIOT even though the guy said not to.  The hot pan/burner vaporized a buttload of that gas rather quickly so when I lit it, a buttload of those gas vapors immediately caught fire and decided to engulf my hand and lick my afro, eye lashes, and eye brows.  So watchit!  If you must relight, use a less explosive lighting fluid like, lighting fluid, paint thinner, kerosene, diesel – gas is just so volatile.

Now I’ll give myself some credit here, had I been a true idiot through and through I would have poured gas on the burner directly from the can but that’s just STUPID!  So I poured a little bit of gas into a jar so if it caught on fire, it’d be manageable cause there wouldn’t be much gas there.  Had I caught 2-3 gallons of gas on fire that’d have been a REAL pisser and I’da had to employ a fire extinguisher for sure.

And another safety note I learned the hard way a few years back – it doesn’t do you much good to have a fire extinguisher where you can’t easily get to it within a matter of seconds.  If you don’t believe me then just do a youtube search for “burning buggy” and you’ll see.


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