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Progress on the waste oil heater January 14, 2010

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Not much, but an evening’s worth.  My garage is still too tiny so I’ve been spending time figuring out what I can hang on hooks on the walls and rafters – vacuum cleaners (I got 3 of em), couple of ladders, a chop saw, you name it.  Frees up a nice amount of floor space tell you what.

Figuring out those angles and how to mate them to that air compressor tank was a bit of a pisser.  I pretty much got er whipped but the tank isn’t level front to back so I gotta cut a few welds and pivot it so it’s level.  And I still gotta work out a locking mechanism for that pan under there but I think I have an idea for one in mind.

This will be my waste oil tank.  I’d just use a trash can but then how would I dump buckets of oil into it?  My rafters aren’t tall enough, heck the garage isn’t tall enough so until I get my dream garage/house I’ll make do with this rig here.  This is one robust setup I hung from each one of those 2×4’s and beat my chest to make sure they’d hold – I do NOT want 30 gallons of waste motor oil falling down and spewing everywhere.  That crap’s messy plus it’s very flammable if you get it really really hot first.

Well I think that’s about all I’ve got for tonight.  Next post I might actually have the thing going but I still have to give it some leveling feet, finish that locking device for the pan so it’ll be snug against the thing, make sure the pan and tank will both be level side to side, front to back.  And I still gotta cut a hole for the flue.   This is boring.  Sorry.  I haven’t figured out how to upload music on here, or if I can.

And this is my dirty face after an evening’s worth of puttering in the garage – I don’t know how my face got all dirty like that but it’s not uncommon.  And this is the real deal folks, none of this purposefully smeared on crap like these posers do in hollywood.


One Response to “Progress on the waste oil heater”

  1. Jenn Says:

    that looks like a face some girl might find attractive and want to make out all night long. Hot!!

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