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Breaking my own rule January 15, 2010

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The rule is do one (or 2-3 max) project at a time so you’re not one of those people who’s house & garage are perpetually trashed with half-done crap laying everywhere and nobody can walk around without stepping on something and breaking it.  Or walking past something, knocking it over, and breaking it.


I’m a little stumped on my waste oil heater due to a slight design flaw I don’t want to go into right now.  I decided to whip up one of those trailer hitch things you see teetering on the backs of people’s SUV’s loaded with a tarped pile of their crap with bungie cords all over it.  I gotta take a dryer to salt lake tomorrow and don’t feel like driving the gas guzzling van and plus the neon has cruise control and I gotta take some crap up to matt’s in rexburg tomorrow as well and definitely don’t wanna use the van for that.  Plus I wanna see what the neon will look like with a dryer hanging off the back then take a picture of it and then post it online so that’s what I’m gonna do tomorrow.

I’ll post pics tomorrow but let me tell you about a design feature I’m interested to see how it works.  Seems like a lot of those things I see look like they’re sagging down like they’re gonna start dragging on the road at any moment and I don’t like that.  So I have it leaning forward slightly to compensate for the extra weight on the back.  You see, all that weight on the back will change the angle of the dangle and make it look like it’s gonna fall off and what motorist wants to look at that?  Not me.


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