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Tribute to my neon, SUC (sport utility car) January 22, 2010

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Neons are certainly nothing fancy and a lot of them have really bad reputations for sucking so bad.  I did have to spend about a thousand bucks to get the head gasket redid and while we were at it we got new rings a couple years ago so that wasn’t cool but considering how I’ve treated this car, it’s been a nice little gem.   I always keep the oil changed but as far as using it in every possible way imaginable, discovering its limits,  and generally just beating the peepee out of it goes, it’s been great.

I’d say the real turning point with the neon came when I installed a trailer hitch on it.  It was the best thing I ever did to it other than change the oil regularly.  The motor in this car is actually quite strong and I’ve done several long distance trips towing a dune buggy with a neon full of people.  More recently we pulled 2 jetskis, 3 dirtbikes, and a bunch of gear to colorado and back but with over 100,000 miles on er now I think those days are about done for the neon.  It started acting up a bit on the way home.

The neon will cruise with a buggy or trailer full of toys comfortably at 70mph and will get about 18mpg.  Not sure if it’s worth it, but for some reason I really enjoy seeing what I can get away with.   I figure if a geo metro can handle cruising in 5th gear with the pedal to the floor, a neon should be able to too.

You’re probably wondering how I didn’t fry the transmission – it’s a standard, that’s how.  This is most definitely a no-frills neon (except for the A/C) but no power anything, lots of road noise, and generally just kind of a cheap durable, reliable car with a surprisingly strong motor.

If you were a mechanic and you had this car up on a lift so you could see the underside, you’d see that this neon has boldly gone where many traditional SUV’s have not gone.  There’s plenty of character on the underside of the neon.

I think that’s about it for tonight.  Scroll to the previous post for more neon related action.


5 Responses to “Tribute to my neon, SUC (sport utility car)”

  1. hiphousegirl Says:

    A real class act, that car. I like the one of Jenna standing by it with her little belly hanging out. And of coarse the truck bed trailer. A “phantom car” from behind on the freeway!

  2. So many good memories in your neon. One of my favorites is the pile of snow tubes tied on top.

  3. Awe, how cute! You really love to say peepee in your posts. I think ‘peepee’ should be thrown around more in casual conversation, don’t you?

    • housedouche Says:

      Haha where do you think I got the idea of using the word “peepee?” Casual conversation of course. Someone else’s idea but I can’t remember who. It’s a more childish and slightly less vulgar way of saying “piss”

  4. mike Says:

    hey, I was wondering about the ford trailer you have on it. Is that trailer for sale?

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