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Crawl Fest February 4, 2010

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And by “crawl” I mean rock crawl.  And by rock crawl I mean when a bunch of off-road enthusiasts get together and use their “rigs” (modified off-road vehicles) to crawl over challenging obstacles, most of which are huge rocks.  So, it’s pretty fun to watch.  What makes it fun is watching people destroy their rigs as they attempt to crawl up some very challenging terrain.  I used to do this with my buggy but I got so sick of working on it so when I finally destroyed it to the point it wasn’t worth fixing again I kinda lost the steam to build another one and bought a dirtbike instead so I could just grab it and go!

Anyway, here’s a couple of videos from the trip.  I had a blast down there.  And I’m sure glad I brang my motorcycle cause that many jeeps on one trail means it takes for-freakin-ever to get anywhere.  So I literally rode circles around them all day which was fun.


2 Responses to “Crawl Fest”

  1. hiphousegirl Says:

    YOU’RE A CRAWL FESTER. Nice saxophone music you weirdo.

  2. Sis Says:

    Lydia says, “Uncle Jonny you better be careful” Lydia, Eric, Kate and I all got a kick out of this; what a hobby!

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