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Clean burning waste oil heater February 12, 2010

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Who would have thought you could take dirty nasty used motor oil and burn it without having it look like a burning tire?  This thing burns totally clean (as far as your eyes are concerned)  And creates just as much heat as my last, dirtier burning heater.   I credit a guy named Spike in Australia for coming up with the design this heater was based on.  He was nice enough to respond to my questions on youtube.   The way it burns clean is, the oil gets really hot and vaporizes and partially burns in the primary burner (the pan I got at DI for 5 bucks) then those fumes get more air and burn completely in the secondary burner (that cylinder thing with the holes in it – used to be part of a diesel engine) All the heavy crap just falls back down into that pan and when it’s had time to cool off, you just empty that crap into the trash and it doesn’t end up in the air.  Beautiful.


2 Responses to “Clean burning waste oil heater”

  1. Sis Says:

    Awesome! You don’t have to be a crazy leftist hypocrit to be green.

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