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Lightbulb in microwave April 22, 2010

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When you try this at home, just be sure to submerge the metal part of the bulb in water.  Don’t do it for more than 20 seconds.  I hear they explode a bit if you leave it in longer.  Different parts of the microwave affect it differently as you can see so that kinda makes it fun.

Actually people on youtube are doing it for longer so I guess it’s up to you.  Also, CD’s look really cool when you put them in for about 5 seconds.  Make sure you don’t want the CD anymore though.


One Response to “Lightbulb in microwave”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Jonny, you always seem to crack me up with whatever the heck you decide to do… hammock made out of a mattress suspended by ropes in my basement, double-decker bike with a flying pedal, or the old magical microwaved lightbulb! My kids got a huge kick out of the monk e-mails you sent them!!

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