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Not even playing with fire April 22, 2010

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It was freakin cold this morning so I put my back to the burner as I heated some water on the stove.  I was eating a  bowl of cereal, still kinda tired then something didn’t seem quite right so I turned around and still felt the warmth from the burner on my back.  But the burner was in front of me.  Turns out my shirt was on fire.  I urgently looked for a place to put down my bowl of cereal without spilling it then proceeded to try to smother the flames against the back door.  That didn’t work.  I decided to just take off the shirt since it was now burning pretty good and I was starting to feel it.  Then it started to hurt bad and just as I was half-way through saying a compound word expletive I got the shirt off, put it on the floor and smothered it with my feet.  I didn’t get burnt too bad.  Just a little.  No  biggie.  That was a new shirt though.  Fresh from the DI.


3 Responses to “Not even playing with fire”

  1. hiphousegirl Says:

    Fires aside, we need to talk about your fashion. Surely there are much more fun and trendy things you could find at the DI!

    • housedouche Says:

      I liked that shirt cause it had a really generic “athletics” on the front written in the traditional athletic font. I dunno, it wasn’t that cool of a shirt, it was an ok work shirt though.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Once again.. are you properly insured.. including life insurance? I swear, Jonny, fire is out to get you!

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