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Bare bones doom buggy April 24, 2010

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This is actually Stratton’s buggy.  I tested it out last night.  Without him.  I quite like the stripped down look you know it?  And I did get a thumbs up from a dude in a pickup as I was heading down 89 in Willard so that’s good.  Wouldn’t you give a thumbs up to whoever was driving this rig?

BTW, this thing towed beautifully behind the neon.  It cruised comfortably at 80 MPH.  It’s amazing how much difference a 2-400 lb trailer makes when you’re driving a neon.  I really like this buggy.  I want one!  I miss my old buggy.  Kind of.  That one was a lot of work due to the manner in which I drove it.  I really beat the peepee out of it so it required a lot of fixing.  It was a lot of fun though.

This buggy did just fine as far as ground clearance and stuff but it was a little weak on having enough traction to climb hills.  Might have something to do with how the torsion tubes stick out too far so you can’t put very big tires on the back where you need em.  But it still went over stuff like this just fine.  You think you’re gonna hit rocks underneath but you never do.  Well, not never.


5 Responses to “Bare bones doom buggy”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Isn’t there something called a roll bar missing.. you know.. in case you roll? I know, I know.. dune buggy’s never roll, but, if you do.. Stratton’s gonna roll on his head. Doom buggy.. ha ha!!

    • housedouche Says:

      That’s why there’s no seatbelts either cause if you start rolling (and the chances are slim cause the thing’s like a flat piece of metal) you just bail off. Stratton wants to build a roll cage for it but I say we’re better off bailing than staying in there to roll.

      The center of gravity on this thing is super low cause it doesn’t have 400 lbs worth of car body sitting on top of it.

  2. Housedouche: as a fellow red neon owner, I will give you a pass on making fun of my Behr paint.

    ps – kudos for using ‘peepee’ in a post.

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