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Double Date on the Deth Sled April 26, 2010

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Stratton brought up the old back seat from his now junked jeep cherokee and I got busy scabbing it onto the deth sled frame.   It went pretty well the thing was just the right size.   Note the back seat.

Also note that since stratton’s battery wouldn’t take a charge, we’re using one of my jetski batteries, and the way stratton drives (stalling every chance he gets) and the way the buggy was running, it took a lot of cranks to get it started so the battery was dead in pretty short order.  So this is us pushing it to get it started.

Then we got stuck so me and Katie baled.

Then we had a run-in with the local authorities.  “No registration, no roll cage, no safety harnesses, it’d be a shame to get it impounded”  We gotta hand it to the guy though for going easy on us and letting us off the hook.  I’m sure he has an obligation to at least give us a warning and we surely appreciate him letting “boys be boys” and finish our double date.

Then it was time for dinner.

But after we got our weenie sticks whittled up we discovered we had no weenies.  Turns out they fell out while stratton was driving the buggy like he’d stolen it.  When we found them they’d been run over.  But we ate em anyway and they were good.

Stratton & Stacie (below)

Me & katie

Then it was time to head back but we didn’t have any headlights cause we haven’t gotten around to equipping the buggy with them yet.  So we made do with what we had.  That mannequin head actually served a purpose!

Our lives are awesome!!!


4 Responses to “Double Date on the Deth Sled”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Jonny! This is probably the funniest post on your blog!! FUNNY!

  2. Stratton Says:

    ha that was fun!

  3. Katie Says:

    Haha! I still love the mannequin head with the head lamp! This was lots of Fun! 🙂

  4. Angela Allred Says:

    My, my, my Jonny. You quit coming to my classes, and look how you’ve regressed, but it looks like you’re dating a redhead, so maybe there’s hope for you yet. : )

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