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My need for companionship is greater than my distaste for picking up sh– April 30, 2010

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But look how cute these two are!

I was gonna just go look at the dogs they had down at the lb. and possibly pick one but then I saw these two on the KSL classifieds after I did a search for “heeler”  cause I had a blue heeler once and really liked him.  These two I’m sure have some heeler in them but they’re really mutts, which is good.  AND, they were free so that’s good too but I do need to have the boy’s boys taken care of so that might cost a few bucks.  It’ll be worth it though, cause I know he wouldn’t want things to get awkward between him and his platonic girlfriend.  They’re such good friends right now!

The boy is the whiter one and the girl’s the whatever black/red one.  I’m not too crazy about their names “chica” and “ringo” (or was it rico?) I was thinking about boozer and brodie.  Just kidding.  About the boozer anyway.  Brodie’s kind of a cool name.  But what about Swisgaar for the boy and Toki for the girl?  Any ideas people???  They should be able to learn new names and I plan to change them unless of course there’s some study floating around out there that states that the changing of dogs’ names will hurt their self esteem and turn them into psychopaths.

These dogs are about a year old and are already trained to not poop and pee all over your carpet or chew the livin’ S out of your sofa.  All the hard work’s already been done!  They’re good natured and good with kids and other dogs.  I wasn’t really looking to go from zero to two dogs but shoot, these guys seemed nice and it’ll be good if they have each other while I’m at work or whatever.

Just a few days earlier I finished doggifying the yard.

There was no fence here before.  Now there’s a fence and a gate!

Same dill here.  Before there was no fence or gate, now there is a fence and a gate.  That arc welder has been one of the best items I’ve ever gotten for free.  

Let me know what you think about the dog names.


8 Responses to “My need for companionship is greater than my distaste for picking up sh–”

  1. hiphousegirl Says:

    Where did you get “Toki” anyway? Is that another character on Dethclok? How about Rammstein. Just kidding. How about Bruiser or Bowser. Deliliah for the girl. Or Cherry. Although I guess Cherry kind of sounds like a “lady of the night”.

    Get the boy’s boys taken care of ASAP! It only takes ONE time of him getting out, and BAM- the world has five more puppies.

    • housedouche Says:

      Yes, toki’s another dethklok band member. Toki Wartooth, Swisgaar Swigelf, Nathan Explosion & William Murderface. So, between those names…

      Just kidding’. How about Tarja and Wartooth. Just kidding. I do kinda like Toki & Swisgaar though. I’ll have to sleep on it. Any other suggestions?

  2. Rachel Says:

    Boy, Ringo or Brodi (or whatever his name is right now) sure has white teeth!! Cute dogs Jonny. That gate looks pretty sweet too.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Tridger and Aliviyiah.

  4. HouseForTeacher Says:

    LOL Carrie! Just take a couple of days to figure out what you’re calling them. Because chances are that even if you pick names, you’ll call them something else…

  5. Stratton Says:

    filthy mutts….

    Trogdor and misty

    I like shop dogs. Should be fun to go play with. Too bad I’m allergic… arghh…

  6. Tyler Says:

    Jonny, you never do anything halfway, do you. Nice dogs. Do they like it when you fart in their faces? Well, they are going to learn to like it. They are Jonny Moore’s dogs, for goodness sake, and that means catching a couple in the snout.

  7. Sis Says:

    They’re cute, can’t wait to see more pics

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