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Dog-scalator & paw cleaner May 24, 2010

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Here’s the sitch.  I live in the upper half of this house and the basement’s a separate deal with other people living in it.  I wanted the beasts to be able to come in during the day so they’ll hopefully stay cleaner and when I have to work a little late I don’t have to worry about picking up piles of ABC (already been chewed, and in this case eaten) dog food around the house when I get home.

See, the door to my part of the house is around the corner to the right and it would’ve been a pain in the butt to build something to guide the dogs to my back door.  It’s a long story, just take my word for it, the dog ramp was the easier approach and also the funner one.  Here’s some pics of me building it.  And this is all 99.99% material I was able to scrounge from a house I’d painted the previous week.  Cool carpet huh?

As you can see, I’m nailing on some carpet (paw cleaner device)

This dog is more adventurous so I tested it out on her. Took a little coaxing and she did fall off once but now she absolutely LOVES running up and down it.  BTW, I still don’t have a name for this girldog.

Skwisgaar, the boy dog would not go up under any circumstances so I added some guardrails thinking it might help him, which it didn’t.  But they’re probably good to have anyway.   I finally got him to go up it, then tried to bribe him down with a hot dog and instead of using the ramp like a good boy, he just jumped out the window.  Crazy beast.Finally, Katie came over and gave him the courage he needed to climb up and down the dog ramp.  You’ll see in the video, he’s still a little hesitant.