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Finally getting in some rides on my Jhetto skis September 8, 2010

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The camo one was busted all feakin summer long.  After much study, pondering, praying, and researching, I finally figured out that the exhaust, well nevermind you’re probably not interested in the particulars but suffice it to say this jetski is back to itsself again.  Nice and fast and both are still as temperamental as ever.

Here’s the Bear River.  We put in at Corinne Utah, the armpit of Utah.  One of them.  The other one is Ogden.  That’s what they say anyway.  I kinda like Ogden.

I backed down to put the jetskis in the water and turned off the car and left it in gear in case the E-brake failed. Cause I saw a youtube video where this dude’s truck went into the water on a boat ramp kinda like this one.  Then the battery went dead so I attempted to roll-start it backwards which led the butt-end of my car to drop off an underwater ledge where the concrete ended.  So I had to get a jump.  This was my 3rd or 4th attempt at getting out and yes, I make it look easy this time around. Mind you, there’s also a trailer attached so it took just a little extra abuse and a little finesse to get it un-stuck.   I’m pretty sure the trunk had water in it for a few days after this incident.  Here’s the video.

There was hardly anyone on this river and we definitely didn’t get flipped off for riding jetskis on it.  But it is sort of a dirty murky river.  And it’s also got a lot of this sort of thing in it.  Quite a bit actually.   The scariest part of falling off is the threat of rusty sharp metal slicing part of you off.   Or accidentally drinking some of the water that has run-off from cattle ranches and stuff and having the trots for the rest of your life.

The roof rack on the bus would sure make a nice floor for some type of flat-bed trailer.

But there were pretty stretches of the river too.

Here’s a separate trip to Pineview reservoir on labor day.  It was freakin cold!  Skwisgaar had a riot chasing that jetski and getting all wet though.  What a hoot.

Here’s some more pictures.


Happy Dog.