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School’s out and now not only do I have time to live my life, but document it too! December 7, 2010

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Here’s a little project we’ve been working on a little here and a little there, but I think we got enough now to post a little tidbit.

This project is called the hot tub project.  It involves moving a tired and broken down hot tub from my last house (now a rental) up to this house (also a rental, but the rental in which I now live)  See, the problem with this tub was that it was over heating.  So, we attempted to use it anyway but it took so long to heat, you could never time it just right.  I hadn’t given up on it yet when my friend Ingrid asked if she could sit in it, back when I had the VW bug body on top of it (did I post about that?  Or just facebook?  I can’t remember)  Anyways, I had to work late or something so I come home, and here’s poor Ingrid shivering all by herself in this hot tub with a VW car body on top of it and the temperature is 76 degrees.  That’s really cold for a hot tub.  Too cold to just sit there that’s for sure.

That’s when I gave up on trying to use it with the thermostat issue.  The problem was actually a bad circuit board.  I had to do a fair amount of research to figure that out.  I saved 80-100 bucks buying a new circuit board online at – that site is the bomb and they have all these sweet articles on how to wire your spa and fix this problem and that problem and they sell their stuff cheap!

Anyways, enough about the boring spa repairs now.  When I poured some concrete in the front yard for a little more parking I had to dig up a bunch of sod and clumps of crap.  I figured I’d dump it here.  And it was a pain in the butt to spread out.  

This is what we started with!

Next was unhooking and transporting the thing which took me and my 300 lb tenant to load on that trailer.

Then, I had to remove a section of the fence I’d built and borrow the neighbor’s driveway to push the trailer down there so I could put the thing down on the dirt behind the garage.  I thought behind the garage and kinda between those two trees would be a nice private place for it.  And, I probably should have put the tub on gravel at the very least again, but I’m cheap, ghetto, and have limited resources as a college student and very limited time.  It would have been a huge pain in the butt to have to haul in a bunch of gravel or pour a pad of cement.  I put it directly on the dirt cause I figured by the time that wood under the hot tub rots, it’ll be time for a new hot tub anyway.

As you can see, the outside of it is pretty grody looking.  And the ground covering around it took some serious thought.  I figured I’d use some old carpet as a weed barrier if nothing else.  But not only is it a weed barrier, but a dirt barrier as well for the astrotruf.  

Then we had the leaks to deal with…

I fixed this one but I was still losing water.  If my calculations were correct, and I’m pretty sure they were, I was losing about 6.5 gallons a day.  That’s too much.  So I looked and looked and caulked around every stinking jet,and had to remove a bunch of that stupid polyurethane foam insulation to find these little leaks.  Then, after I’d spent hours doing that, it was still leaking.  Anyways, I’m starting to bore myself discussing all these repairs.  Turns out you can buy a little bottle of stop leak for these hot tubs, take the filters out and let it run for several days until the leak stops.  And that’s what I did and it worked.

For the step I used a trex decking display from Homo Depot I bought for 4 bucks.  I had to modify it of course. Note the shiny new corrugated sides as well!

We also put up some christmas and flamingo lights and hooked em up to a dimmer for atmosphere.

Now for some fun in the tub!

He just loves those hot tub minerals!

Of course, the project isn’t finished, there are still many details yet.  Another section or two of privacy fence for one, a bench back there, a mini fridge full of ruby red squirt and almond joys, maybe a flat screen tv nestled in that armoire thing to watch the game, I dunno, use your imagination…  My pocket book’s the limit!


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  1. Jenn Says:

    Awesome. I love your imagination. Gosh Jonny what a mind you have.

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