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A-door-able December 20, 2010

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To steal one of my sister’s blog, check out this door project.

Problem:  The only way to get in and out of my garage is by pushing the button and waiting for the big door to slowly raise up, then pushing it again and waiting for it to slowly go back down.  Meanwhile any heat you managed to accumulate inside the garage has been blown out that huge opening.

Solution:  A walk-in door.  But where?  

Of course I need some trim around it to cutesy it up and make it look less white-trashy but man this door has been one of the best improvements to my shop, especially when I had to use it to spray a buttload of cabinet doors in there and keep some of the heat in.

I also made that door myself, as you may have already guessed.  I used old lumber and a window I took out of my house when I replaced them with new ones.


One Response to “A-door-able”

  1. Jenn Says:

    You always amaze me. great work!

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