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A Pre-blob project December 23, 2010

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Back in 2008, before I had a blog, I posted pics of this project on facebook and received a lot of positive feedback.  But it’s just not quite the same thing as blobbing about it 3 years later and milking it for even more positive feedback.

Anyways, it all started when I decided to start building a new dune buggy from scratch.  I bought an old VW bug for 200 bucks and took the body off it so I could use just the chassy and all the other under-parts.  Meanwhile I had this 3-400+? lb VW bug body laying around and not really doing anything productive.  – Note the floor pan/chassy in the background.  That was my dunebuggy in embryo form and remains in the same state today.

My buddy Stratton mentioned that it might be fun to put atop the hot tub and it sounded like a crazy enough idea it might actually work and be cool.  At least for a time.  I mean, how cool would it be to open a car door expecting to see your typical car seats and floor but noooo…. There’s a hot inviting tub of water where the floor should be!

It took 3 and a half guys to get it on there.  I say half because one of them was my 90 lb roommate at the time who spent a good 90% of his time in the basement watching Japanese animation shows.  No wonder he was so frail and pale.  But he helped nevertheless.

See how fun and steamy it is?  Are we having a good time or what?!?!?  Yea, it was pretty sweet for the first week or two then it got kinda old.  You see, the bottom of the car was substantially smaller than the size of the hot tub so we were losing a good 3rd of the hot tub which sucked for parties of 2 or more.  But you can’t always have style AND comfort I realize this.  And anyways, shortly thereafter something fried in the main circuit board and the heater wouldn’t shut off so it was always over heating so I just abandoned it for a year or two.  Or three?


3 Responses to “A Pre-blob project”

  1. hiphousegirl Says:

    90 lb roommate who watched Anime- lol so true! Maybe I’ll blob about this.

  2. Claudia reyes Says:

    Heyy =) howw have u been???? U hv a myspace rite??? Thts my email hit me up wit a request =)? Take caree

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