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Wordless Wednesday on a Saturday night October 3, 2010

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Finally getting in some rides on my Jhetto skis September 8, 2010

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The camo one was busted all feakin summer long.  After much study, pondering, praying, and researching, I finally figured out that the exhaust, well nevermind you’re probably not interested in the particulars but suffice it to say this jetski is back to itsself again.  Nice and fast and both are still as temperamental as ever.

Here’s the Bear River.  We put in at Corinne Utah, the armpit of Utah.  One of them.  The other one is Ogden.  That’s what they say anyway.  I kinda like Ogden.

I backed down to put the jetskis in the water and turned off the car and left it in gear in case the E-brake failed. Cause I saw a youtube video where this dude’s truck went into the water on a boat ramp kinda like this one.  Then the battery went dead so I attempted to roll-start it backwards which led the butt-end of my car to drop off an underwater ledge where the concrete ended.  So I had to get a jump.  This was my 3rd or 4th attempt at getting out and yes, I make it look easy this time around. Mind you, there’s also a trailer attached so it took just a little extra abuse and a little finesse to get it un-stuck.   I’m pretty sure the trunk had water in it for a few days after this incident.  Here’s the video.

There was hardly anyone on this river and we definitely didn’t get flipped off for riding jetskis on it.  But it is sort of a dirty murky river.  And it’s also got a lot of this sort of thing in it.  Quite a bit actually.   The scariest part of falling off is the threat of rusty sharp metal slicing part of you off.   Or accidentally drinking some of the water that has run-off from cattle ranches and stuff and having the trots for the rest of your life.

The roof rack on the bus would sure make a nice floor for some type of flat-bed trailer.

But there were pretty stretches of the river too.

Here’s a separate trip to Pineview reservoir on labor day.  It was freakin cold!  Skwisgaar had a riot chasing that jetski and getting all wet though.  What a hoot.

Here’s some more pictures.


Happy Dog.



Dog-scalator & paw cleaner May 24, 2010

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Here’s the sitch.  I live in the upper half of this house and the basement’s a separate deal with other people living in it.  I wanted the beasts to be able to come in during the day so they’ll hopefully stay cleaner and when I have to work a little late I don’t have to worry about picking up piles of ABC (already been chewed, and in this case eaten) dog food around the house when I get home.

See, the door to my part of the house is around the corner to the right and it would’ve been a pain in the butt to build something to guide the dogs to my back door.  It’s a long story, just take my word for it, the dog ramp was the easier approach and also the funner one.  Here’s some pics of me building it.  And this is all 99.99% material I was able to scrounge from a house I’d painted the previous week.  Cool carpet huh?

As you can see, I’m nailing on some carpet (paw cleaner device)

This dog is more adventurous so I tested it out on her. Took a little coaxing and she did fall off once but now she absolutely LOVES running up and down it.  BTW, I still don’t have a name for this girldog.

Skwisgaar, the boy dog would not go up under any circumstances so I added some guardrails thinking it might help him, which it didn’t.  But they’re probably good to have anyway.   I finally got him to go up it, then tried to bribe him down with a hot dog and instead of using the ramp like a good boy, he just jumped out the window.  Crazy beast.Finally, Katie came over and gave him the courage he needed to climb up and down the dog ramp.  You’ll see in the video, he’s still a little hesitant.  


My need for companionship is greater than my distaste for picking up sh– April 30, 2010

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But look how cute these two are!

I was gonna just go look at the dogs they had down at the lb. and possibly pick one but then I saw these two on the KSL classifieds after I did a search for “heeler”  cause I had a blue heeler once and really liked him.  These two I’m sure have some heeler in them but they’re really mutts, which is good.  AND, they were free so that’s good too but I do need to have the boy’s boys taken care of so that might cost a few bucks.  It’ll be worth it though, cause I know he wouldn’t want things to get awkward between him and his platonic girlfriend.  They’re such good friends right now!

The boy is the whiter one and the girl’s the whatever black/red one.  I’m not too crazy about their names “chica” and “ringo” (or was it rico?) I was thinking about boozer and brodie.  Just kidding.  About the boozer anyway.  Brodie’s kind of a cool name.  But what about Swisgaar for the boy and Toki for the girl?  Any ideas people???  They should be able to learn new names and I plan to change them unless of course there’s some study floating around out there that states that the changing of dogs’ names will hurt their self esteem and turn them into psychopaths.

These dogs are about a year old and are already trained to not poop and pee all over your carpet or chew the livin’ S out of your sofa.  All the hard work’s already been done!  They’re good natured and good with kids and other dogs.  I wasn’t really looking to go from zero to two dogs but shoot, these guys seemed nice and it’ll be good if they have each other while I’m at work or whatever.

Just a few days earlier I finished doggifying the yard.

There was no fence here before.  Now there’s a fence and a gate!

Same dill here.  Before there was no fence or gate, now there is a fence and a gate.  That arc welder has been one of the best items I’ve ever gotten for free.  

Let me know what you think about the dog names.


Double Date on the Deth Sled April 26, 2010

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Stratton brought up the old back seat from his now junked jeep cherokee and I got busy scabbing it onto the deth sled frame.   It went pretty well the thing was just the right size.   Note the back seat.

Also note that since stratton’s battery wouldn’t take a charge, we’re using one of my jetski batteries, and the way stratton drives (stalling every chance he gets) and the way the buggy was running, it took a lot of cranks to get it started so the battery was dead in pretty short order.  So this is us pushing it to get it started.

Then we got stuck so me and Katie baled.

Then we had a run-in with the local authorities.  “No registration, no roll cage, no safety harnesses, it’d be a shame to get it impounded”  We gotta hand it to the guy though for going easy on us and letting us off the hook.  I’m sure he has an obligation to at least give us a warning and we surely appreciate him letting “boys be boys” and finish our double date.

Then it was time for dinner.

But after we got our weenie sticks whittled up we discovered we had no weenies.  Turns out they fell out while stratton was driving the buggy like he’d stolen it.  When we found them they’d been run over.  But we ate em anyway and they were good.

Stratton & Stacie (below)

Me & katie

Then it was time to head back but we didn’t have any headlights cause we haven’t gotten around to equipping the buggy with them yet.  So we made do with what we had.  That mannequin head actually served a purpose!

Our lives are awesome!!!


Bare bones doom buggy April 24, 2010

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This is actually Stratton’s buggy.  I tested it out last night.  Without him.  I quite like the stripped down look you know it?  And I did get a thumbs up from a dude in a pickup as I was heading down 89 in Willard so that’s good.  Wouldn’t you give a thumbs up to whoever was driving this rig?

BTW, this thing towed beautifully behind the neon.  It cruised comfortably at 80 MPH.  It’s amazing how much difference a 2-400 lb trailer makes when you’re driving a neon.  I really like this buggy.  I want one!  I miss my old buggy.  Kind of.  That one was a lot of work due to the manner in which I drove it.  I really beat the peepee out of it so it required a lot of fixing.  It was a lot of fun though.

This buggy did just fine as far as ground clearance and stuff but it was a little weak on having enough traction to climb hills.  Might have something to do with how the torsion tubes stick out too far so you can’t put very big tires on the back where you need em.  But it still went over stuff like this just fine.  You think you’re gonna hit rocks underneath but you never do.  Well, not never.


Lightbulb in microwave April 22, 2010

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When you try this at home, just be sure to submerge the metal part of the bulb in water.  Don’t do it for more than 20 seconds.  I hear they explode a bit if you leave it in longer.  Different parts of the microwave affect it differently as you can see so that kinda makes it fun.

Actually people on youtube are doing it for longer so I guess it’s up to you.  Also, CD’s look really cool when you put them in for about 5 seconds.  Make sure you don’t want the CD anymore though.